The Quiet Underneath

Behind The Scene JUST C IT (EOS C100) from Sebastien DEVAUD on Vimeo.

Behind the scene EOS C100 was shot and edited by Jean-Christophe Torres with Canon XF305.
Canon asked me to respect the concept of the new EOS C100 (handheld camera with AVCHD compress recorded on SD card ) and they sent me three C100 bodies to produce an exclusive movie for the launch of this last camera. I chose Fitzgerald Jego as my second DOP and i decided we shot the introduction and conclusion as a movie with camera on tripods with big lenses and several other gears as steadicam, skater, slider and the middle part of the movie as a documentary with handheld and on board cameras. More details in this BTS….
Edited and colorgraded with Adobe CS6 and Red Giant plugins.
Please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need to know more about EOS C100 and please join this new “C” generation…..

The Nymph of Nocturne

A dowdy librarian has a secret….

Its about to go viral!

A story of self-love that is long overdue…

Now showing on Vimeo On Demand! 

Enjoy and share…..

The Nymph of Nocturne Offering Circular

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What might a realistic return look like if you invest in equity in a short feature?

First look at the rental platform. Vimeo On Demand. 90/10 split with the filmmaker.

What does that actually look like?

The possibilities: 

$1.00 “streaming fee”, 72 hours, world-wide, for (1) year.

The marketing method:

$22 dollars per day for (1 year) to Facebook for “like” hits to your FB Page.

That is $8,000 that FB says should generate 8,700,000 “likes” based on supplied meta tags.

A conservative estimate by soothsayers, doom and glooms and kill joys is that only 3% will “like”  the FB Page.

Quick look at the numbers: 

IF 8,700,000 “likes” (Facebook’s estimates; not mine) X (3%) actual “likes” (Soothsayers, Doom and Glooms and Kill Joys forecaster estimate; not mine) equals 261,000 “likes” and those “likes” spend $1.00 dollar on Vimeo On Demand watching an erotic/comedy short feature about a librarian with a secret that is about to go viral, THAN here are the possibilities to the first question above. 

What might a realistic return look like if you invest in equity in a short feature?

First look at the numbers:

   $5,000 Film Production Cost

+ $8,000 FB Advertising Coast

= $13,000 Total Film Cost and FB Marketing Cost

261,000 rentals @ $1.00 

= $261,000

-$26,100 (10%) split to Vimeo On Demand

= $234,900 Gross Net Revenues

-$13,000 Film Cost

-$4698 (2% transaction and credit cards fees)

= $217,202 Net Profits

What is the estimated ROI (Return On Investment)?

15 times return on investment……. or ROI is 1500%

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